We work with companies large and small to create web, mobile, and cloud based apps.


    (610) 422-3605 | info@refinery.net


    We can maintain your legacy apps, help get a project back on track, or enhance your existing app to keep it performing.


    When you can't hire a full time team, call us.


    (610) 422-3605 | info@refinery.net


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    Custom applications, built to your specification

    Fast development of web, mobile, desktop, and cloud applications

    When you have a project, but don't need to hire a full time staff, Refinery can develop, test, and deliver a high quality app that meets your specifications. Our team has over 20 years experience developing apps using Microsoft technologies. And, we've been developing .NET apps since 2003.


    Our team is 100% U.S.-based, but development is done remotely on our equipment, saving you office space and equipment costs.


    We develop long term relationships with clients, who know that they can come back to us (sometimes years later), and we'll still have the specific industry and application knowledge we gained during earlier projects.


    Our team provides expert service in the following technologies:

    • C#
    • VB.NET
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • ASP.NET
    • iOS and Android apps
    • SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft Access
    • Azure Cloud
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Web Services and APIs
    • Reporting

    (610) 422-3605​ | info@refinery.net

  • Need a Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, or C# Developer?

    Call us at (610) 422-3605


    Or email us at info@refinery.net

    Just some of the things we do:

    • Maintain your existing VB apps and keep them running smoothly!
    • Create new web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and embedded apps using the latest Microsoft technologies
    • Use best-of-breed JavaScript and UI frameworks to give your apps a modern look and feel
    • Convert your legacy VB apps, even from VB 1.0!
    • Migrate VBA modules to VB.NET / C#
    • Convert your 16 and 32-bit apps to 64-bit
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    Keep the engines running

    Have a legacy app but no developer? Need to get a project back on track?

    Many companies have an app they've been using for years, where the original developer has long since left the company. It might even be a mission critical app that's been running smoothly, till now.


    Refinery specializes in reviewing existing code, enhancing / fixing the code where necessary, converting it to a modern version of .NET, or even re-writing it where needed.


    Especially for smaller firms, many of which don't have an IT department, finding a reliable, long term resource to turn to for development needs is difficult.


    We can be your IT resource. We'll help define the project, discuss options, and work with you to keep your apps running.


    Why pay for a full time developer when you don't need one?


    Our goal is to be a long term partner - and we understand costs are always a factor. Using Refinery as a technology partner typically saves many thousands per year over hiring a full time application developer.

    (610) 422-3605​ | info@refinery.net


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    Strategy Consulting

    Plan the course before setting out


    Before you embark on the next big project, we can help figure out where it fits in the big picture. What's the long term plan? We can look at the challenges and provide clear recommendations and next steps. Our solutions are based on proven technologies that won't be out of date in two years, and will scale with your business to provide stability, security, and compliance.


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    Project Management

    Keep things on track, with a 360° view


    The best laid strategy will crumble if the execution teams are moving in different directions. Reduce the chance of costly surprises with our proven project management. We use common-sense methods to reduce clutter and red tape, while increasing visibility for all project participants.



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    (610) 422-3605


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